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A few things we’re great at

Penhole utilizes handcrafted APIs which provide our partners the ability to seamlessly and instantaneously access legislative and representative information at the federal, state, and local levels.

Penhole employs a unique data analysis process linked to an intuitive dashboard which provides Penhole’s partners with organized and easily navigable data, intelligible visualizations, and surprising insights.

Universities and Researchers

Penhole is a tool which allows universities and researchers to instantaneously access all relevant legislative and representative data in order to better educate students, aid in research, and explore unique insights tailored to our partners’ specific needs or interests.


News and Media

There is no break in the new cycle. Every second matters when creating articles, blogs, posts, and videos. Penhole provides our partners with the ability to be first. Penhole’s continuously updated data allows our partners with the ability to stay up to date, quickly find and understand relevant legislative and representative data, and dive deeper into the story using unique data insights.


Political Organizations and Lawmakers

Penhole provides political organizations and lawmakers a one-stop shop resource for everything relating to legislative and representative information at the federal state and local levels. With Penhole, tracking a specific piece of legislation, monitoring relevant legislative categories, conducting opposition research, and detecting trends across all levels of government has never been easier.


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